Fun with the Liu lab at the American Epilepsy Society meeting in B-more!!!
Luis hits a bullseye!
RIH epilepsy doctors!
Liu lab and Morrow lab celebrate birthdays with friends
Former lab members, Xiaoqin and Peijun and their daughter with old Brown bear…

… and with
new blue Brown bear!

We are trying hard to get a group photo at the NIH Sleep and Epilepsy Meeting
Summer BBQ 2018
Scientists of today…
and of the future?
Selfie at AES in 2018 with Felix’s PhD mentor, Mark Cunningham, of Trinity College
CURE fundraiser in Boston
Hanging out with Molly Hunstman and Esther Krook-Magnusun at AES
Mochi, lab mascot: Portuguese Water Dog,
born August 22, 2018
Ramon y Cajal drawings at MIT
His microscope!!!